Carrigeen National School

Carrigeen National School

Carrigeen Primary School is an all embracing school with a Catholic Ethos.
Under the Patronage of the Bishop of Ossory Carrigeen welcomes all children equally.

Children commence school at 4 years of age until 12 The Irish Language is promoted.
Irish Dancing and traditional muisc is encouraged.
Swimming forms part of the physical Education program.
Gaelic football, hurling, basketball, and soccer are encouraged.
Music forms an integral part of the curriculum.
School commences at 9.30 and finishes at 14.00 hrs for junior infants and 15.00 hrs for the rest.
Morning Break 11.00hrs. Lunch Break 13.00 hrs.
School calendar and timetables are issued to all parents.
Occassionaly there may be exceptions due to circumstances.
Parents are notified in advance in case of any changes.
Each child is catered for with compassion.

Principal: Eamonn Donovan.

Carrigeen, Via Waterford, Kilkenny
051 895423

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