Childminders (Private, home based childcare services)

Childminders (Private, home based childcare services)

The Childcare (Pre-school Services) Regulations 2006 state that a childminder should
look after no more than 5 pre-school children, including his/her own at any one time.
If a childminder meets this criteria they are obliged to notify with the HSE. However if a
childminder is caring for 3 pre-school children or less they can avail of the Voluntary
Notification System put in place by the County Childcare Committee. This system of
notification is dealt with by their local Childminding Advisory Officer within the County Childcare Committee.


Helena Comerford
Childminding Advisory Officer, County Childcare Committee, 2nd Floor, Desart Hse, Lr New St, Kilkenny
056 7752865

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