Owning National School

Owning National School

St.John of God N.S., Owning is a rural, co-educational, Catholic, primary school which strives to provide a well-ordered, caring, happy and secure atmosphere where the intellectual, spiritual, physical, moral and cultural needs of the pupils are identified and addressed.

While St. John of God N.S. is a school with a Catholic ethos, it also has due recognition for all other religions.

Gender equity amongst the teachers and pupils of St. John of God N.S. will be promoted.

St. John of God N.S. will try to inculcate a healthy attitude towards work and recreation.

We will endeavour to develop a love and respect for Ireland, its language, traditions, history, music, dance and games.

Principal: Patrick O’Gorman.

Owning, Piltown
051 643628

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Wednesday, April, 22, 2015